Maria Mohlin Designs
Storsjöyran Artist Presentation
Ogilvy One Nugget
ATG Campaign Site
Sprite Campaign Site
S.A.T.S Campaign Site
Eniro Banner Campaign
Floating ad's who "flooded" sites.
Eniro Banner Campaign
Ford Banner Campaign
Awards: Shortlist, Cannes Lion Festivals 2002. Creative Excellence Award in International Web Page Awards 2002. Finalist in Webbspelen 2002.
Eniro Campaign Site
Awards: Third place in "Månadens webb", Resumé.
Malmö Aviation Campaign Site
Awards: Fifth place in "Månadens webb", Resumé.
Hemglass Kick-off Presentation
Malmö Aviation Banner Campaign
LAAX, Switzerland, Campaign Site
LAAX, Switzerland, Campaign Site
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DHL Campaign Site
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Maria Mohlin Designs
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